Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition

Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition

Fillmore W. Galaty, Wellington J. Allaway, Robert C. Kyle
Format: Paperback
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  • Paperback: 559 pages
  • Publisher: df institute, inc. d/b/a dearborn real estate educ; 19 edition (april 30, 2014); 19 edition (April 30, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1427746125
  • EAN: 9781427746122
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Modern Real Estate Practice has trained more than 3 million professionals since 1959. This industry-standard resource has been updated to reflect current legislation and market information, and to include the newest forms and web resources. This text and its ancillary products will provide the best foundation possible for aspiring real estate professionals. Each unit includes an overview of contents, highlighting the topic and explaining how it relates real estate law, regulations, and principles to the practice of real estate. Additionally, the included QBank gives students the ability to create customized tests from hundreds of questions. Contents: Unit 1: Introduction to the Real Estate Business Unit 2: Real Property and the Law Unit 3: Fair Housing Unit 4: Interests in Real Estate Unit 5: Forms of Real Estate Ownership Unit 6: Land Description Unit 7: Transfer of Title Unit 8: Title Records Unit 9: Real Estate Brokerage Unit 10: Real Estate Agency Unit 11: Client Representation Agreements Unit 12: Real Estate Contracts Unit 13: Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens Unit 14: Real Estate Financing Unit 15: Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing Unit 16: Real Estate Appraisal Unit 17: Closing the Real Estate Transaction Unit 18: Leases Unit 19: Property Management Unit 20: Land-Use Controls and Property Development Unit 21: Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction Unit 22: Investing in Real Estate Appendix: Directory of State Licensing Agencies and Statutes Math FAQs Sample Examinations Glossary Answer Key List of Figures Index

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