Patent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials (2013)

Patent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials (2013)

Robert Patrick Merges, John Fitzgerald Duffy
Format: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover: 1310 pages
  • Publisher: LEXISNEXIS; Sixth edition (July 25, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 076985768X
  • EAN: 9780769857688
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This leading casebook makes Patent Law accessible to a wide audience of students and instructors. Patent Law and Policy provides numerous diagrams and figures, concise explanations of relevant legal principles, and to the extent possible, cases involving relatively simple technologies. This is a thorough and comprehensive post-AIA revision of Patent Law and Policy, integrating extensive new material in almost every chapter. Highlights include:

•Detailed coverage of the new "first inventor to file" novelty rules, with analysis of new statutory provisions integrated into traditional case coverage under the 1952 Act.

•Extensive discussion relating to the structure of the new AIA section 102; categories of prior art under the AIA compared to the 1952 Act; the critical (filing) date under the AIA versus traditional first to invent rules; the new AIA "public disclosure" grace period provisions, compared to the 1952 Act statutory bars; and all other important aspects of the AIA

•In-depth description and discussion of all the major new administrative proceedings under the AIA: Post-Grant Review; the new Inter Partes Review (replacing inter partes reexaminations); the Supplemental Examination (inequitable conduct "purging") procedure; and Derivation Proceedings.

•Concise discussions of many other features of the AIA, integrated into each chapter of the book. Examples include: the new prior commercial use ("prior user") right, discussed in the section of Chapter 8 on Defenses to Infringement; the transitional Business Method Patent review proceeding, discussed in Chapter 2 on Patentable Subject matter; and the new virtual patent marking provision, integrated into Chapter 9, Damages.

•Coverage of all new and recent Supreme Court cases, including Mayo v. Prometheus (section 101), Globaltech v. SEB (inducement to infringe), Bowman v. Monsanto (exhaustion/licensing); Stanford v. Roche (patent ownership and the Bayh-Dole Act).

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