When You're DONE Expecting: A Collection of Heartfelt Stories from Mothers All across the Globe

When You're DONE Expecting: A Collection of Heartfelt Stories from Mothers All across the Globe

Parul Agrawal
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  • Paperback: 498 pages
  • Publisher: Nirvana Wellness Publishing (October 07, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0692931961
  • EAN: 9780692931967
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Discover a collection of thoughts from around the world in When You're DONE Expecting, as a range of women from diverse backgrounds and different countries come together to provide their own accounts of motherhood. More than 100 Moms share their own story about the challenges and triumphs they have faced as a mother or a daughter. Some tell tales of the day their precious child was born and lessons they learned in their motherhood journey, while others weave stories about finding the perfect work -life balance to raise conscious children in this tech driven society. Short and concise, but powerful and evocative, these reflections offer insights into motherhood that are seldom seen and rarely talked about. They show us the personal hopes, fears, pride and humility that many women discover for themselves when they become mothers. No matter what kind of Mom you are... a stay at home mom, working mom, mompreneur, teenage mom, birth mom, adoptive mom, single mom, or grandmother...motherhood is an experience that ties us all together. We may live in different corners of the world, have different value systems, cultures, or religious beliefs, but we all speak the same language - the language of Motherhood. Every mother has similar fears and challenges, and a beautiful desire to provide a loving and supportive environment for her children. Join us on the laughter filled, tear-inducing journey full of endless twists and turns... called Motherhood. Let these women warm your hearts with tender moments that makes up their experience of being a mother and find your story among one of these stories.

A big Thank You to all our Contributing Authors:
Aditi Wardhan Singh
Ana Garcia Grande
Anjali Shah
Ashley Arnold
Cara Brzezicki
Cecile Correa
Cheri Philip
Chris Summers
Danielle Bernock
Deborah Carson Weekly
Dr. Theresa Nicassio
Elisha McCardell
Elizabeth Wharton
Girija Nair
Holly Diederich
Janie Saylor
Jewel Eliese
Jody Katter
Karen Langston
Kaylee N Ted Garling
Kendra Laguna
Kimberly Bepler
Kimberly Spair
KL Young
Lashonda Jones Neal
Leilani Lyn Manako
Lindsay Hack
Lori J. Isenstadt
Dr. Manisha Ghei
Marianne Jackson
Megan Heit
Melissa Berg
Michelle McMillan
Nicholle Caldwell
Nikki Van Strien
Noushin Mazlaghani
Pooja Malik
Puja Agarwal
Rebecca Vijay
Reshma McClintock
Roz Barrett
Ruchika Behal
Ruthi Davis
Sarita Talwai
Savitha Avish
Seema Kapur
Shannon Lanzerotta
Simran Bhatia
Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter
Stephanie Grace LaBonte
Sylvia Ronnau
Thembi Bheka
Trish Winston
Valencia V Gibson(Author Valencia)
Vasantha Vivek
Yogini Thakkar-Arora
Alicia Power
Angela Maria Saldarriaga Arvizo
Antra Bhargav
Anya Cemalovic Bruder
Betsy Anciani
Carolyn Murray
Chantel Kirby
Cherrian Angela Chin
Christine Goodner
Deborah Brown
Denise Damijo
Durgamadhavi Mamidipalli
Elizabeth Breuder
Emma Porter
Giuliana Giuliano-Melo
Jana Szakacs
Jen Vandermaar
Joannee Atkinson DeBruhl
Joslyn Bryan
Kathy Barrows
Kelli Matonak
Kimber Bowers
Kimberly Gladden Eversley
Kiya Bonilla
Kristen Held
Leah French
Leilani Orr
Lisa Robbins
Lydia Samuel
Margot Freitag
Meela Meadows
Meghna Thakkar Joshi
Micah Klug
Miki Bennett
Nikki Hartley
Nina Birgitte Engen
Niti Garg
Payal Raghuvanshi Mukund
Prabita Rajesh
Rachel Peachey
Renee Tarantowski Baude
Rolie Lybl
Ruchi Garg Kalra
Ruchika Rastogi
Nina Birgitte Price
Sandy O' Neal
Shalini Tyagi
Shyla Collier
Stacy M. Tuschl
Stephanie Roberts
Tammy Coin
Tiina Kapela
Ursula Carbajal
Valerie Vickery Langley
Veronika Quinones
Wanda Krause
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