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Conflict of Laws in the People's Republic of China (Elgar Asian Commercial Law and Practice series)
Conflict of Laws in the People's Republic of China (Elgar Asian Commercial Law and Practice series)
Cyber Law in Russia
Cyber Law in Russia
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A Matter of Interpretation: Federal Courts and the Law (The University Center for Human Values Series)
by Antonin Scalia
  • $18.95 $13.97
  • $4.98 (26%)
Examples & Explanations: Conflict of Laws
by Michael H. Hoffheimer
  • $53.95 $49.95
  • $4.00 (7%)
The Cases That Haunt Us
by John Douglas, Mark Olshaker
Conflict of Laws: American, Comparative, International Cases and Materials, 3d (American Casebook Series)
by Symeon Symeonides, Wendy Perdue
  • $225.00
Choice of Law (Oxford Commentaries on American Law)
by Symeon C. Symeonides
  • $240.00 $225.00
  • $15.00 (6%)
Gilbert Law Summaries on Conflict of Laws
by Herma Kay
  • $44.00
Conflict of Laws: Cases, Comments, Questions, 9th Edition (American Casebook)
by Herma H. Kay, Larry Kramer, Kermit Roosevelt
  • $225.00
Cheshire, North & Fawcett: Private International Law
by Uglje%sa Gru%sić, Christian Heinze, Louise Merrett, Alex Mills, Carmen Otero Garcia-Castrillon, Katarina Trimmings, Lara Walker
  • $230.00 $218.63
  • $11.37 (5%)
American Conflicts Law: Cases and Materials, 2015
by Robert L. Felix, Ralph U. Whitten
  • $198.00 $191.93
  • $6.07 (3%)
Transnational Law and Practice (Aspen Casebook)
by Donald Earl Childress III, Michael D. Ramsay, Christopher A. Whytock
  • $249.00 $198.70
  • $50.30 (20%)

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Persons of full age. – (a) Notwithstanding any general or public law or provision of the common law to the contrary, all persons who have attained the age of eighteen (18) years shall be deemed to be persons of full legal age. (b) These persons shall have all the duties and obligations, rights, and privileges imposed or granted by law upon those persons … Full Definition »
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