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Understanding Jurisprudence
Understanding Jurisprudence
Classic Readings and Cases in the Philosophy of Law
Classic Readings and Cases in the Philosophy of Law
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The Quest for Cosmic Justice
by Thomas Sowell
  • $16.00 $13.44
  • $2.56 (16%)
The Little Book of Restorative Justice: Revised and Updated (Justice and Peacebuilding)
by Howard Zehr
  • $5.99
A Theory of Justice
by John Rawls
  • $38.00 $33.17
  • $4.83 (13%)
On Law, Morality and Politics, 2nd Edition (Hackett Classics)
by Thomas Aquinas
  • $17.98
Conflict of Laws: Cases, Comments, Questions, 9th Edition (American Casebook)
by Herma H. Kay, Larry Kramer, Kermit Roosevelt
  • $225.00
Cases and Materials on Legislation and Regulation: Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy, 5th (American Casebook Series)
by William Eskridge Jr, Philip Frickey, Elizabeth Garrett, James Brudney
  • $233.00 $180.00
  • $53.00 (23%)
The Concept of Law (Clarendon Law Series)
by HLA Hart, Leslie Green, Joseph Raz, Penelope A. Bulloch
  • $45.95 $36.76
  • $9.19 (20%)
Philosophy of Law
by Joel Feinberg, Jules Coleman, Christopher Kutz
  • $221.95 $189.13
  • $32.82 (15%)
Readings in Deviant Behavior (6th Edition)
by Alex D Thio, Thomas C. Calhoun, Addrain Conyers
  • $113.20 $99.05
  • $14.15 (12%)
Society and Nature: A Sociological Inquiry
by Hans Kelsen
  • $44.95

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A right supposedly guaranteed by both federal and many state laws against any discrimination in employment, education, housing or credit rights due to a person's race, color, sex (or sometimes sexual orientation), religion, national origin, age or handicap. A person who believes he/she has not been granted equal opportunity or has been outright sexually … Full Definition »
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